Cookbook Challenge: “Steam Cuisine” Part 2

Cookbook Challenge: “Steam Cuisine” Part 2

Recipe number two from the Steam Cuisine cookbook by Marina Filipelli was one of the most simple, yet easy, dinners I have ever put together. My choice for this was the Tofu with Spring Onions, Ginger and Ponzu Sauce. The sauce for the tofu is what really makes the dish and gives it a light taste that doesn’t weigh it down with sweetness like a teriyaki sauce might. I love fresh ginger, and had green onions in my garden, so this was a natural choice. The recipe calls for cutting the tofu into thicker pieces, but I chose to dice mine into bite sized cubes. At the end, I garnished the dish with furikake seasoning, instead of bonito flakes that the recipe calls for. I’m just a huge fan of furikake seasoning and I like to sprinkle it on many things, including popcorn. I served this tofu dish with brown rice, goma wakame (seaweed) salad, and steamed bok choi. This recipe is getting added to my growing list of “keepers” because it’s easy, healthy and delicious!


As for this cookbook:

This is cookbook is a lovely way to learn how to prepare and appreciate simple, healthy food. My time spent cooking in restaurants had tricked my brain into thinking that I need to over-season and over-cook things. I realized through using recipes in this book that I really needed to ‘unlearn’ those bad habits. These recipes have also opened doors in the dessert realm that I hadn’t even thought about, and inspired me to use less fat and oil in my cooking. Most of the recipes have a very basic ingredients list of about 8-10 items and most ingredients are easily found or substituted. The novice chef could easily do any of these recipes, and yet, they are exquisite enough for a seasoned pro. I was worried that steamed food would look bland, boiled or lifeless, but the photos provided are pleasing to look at and give the reader a sense of the richness of the dish. Overall, I enjoyed this book, and it’s recipes are great way to fine-tune your culinary pallet, and sort of re-set your taste buds.

If you would like to try adding another approach to healthy eating through steaming your cuisine, check out this cookbook on Amazon:


“Steam Cuisine” by Marina Filippelli


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