Spring Equinox

Today is the first day of Spring, or the Equinox, and it was supposed to be the official end of my spring cleaning ritual and “Cookbook Challenge”. The spring cleaning tasks will be wrapping up in the next few days, but the cookbook challenge was finished a few days ago. Originally, there were seven cookbooks, and I have reviewed six of them, but decided not to attempt the final one, “World of the East Vegetarian Cooking”, by Madhur Jaffrey. This behemoth cookbook is a daunting 460 pages, and covers an enormous range of cuisine, from Indian to Filippino, and from Indonesian to Korean- and beyond! It would have been unfair to only cover two or three recipes and still give it a fair and full review.  My new plan for this cookbook is to review and sample one or two recipes from each featured Asian country. Perhaps I will do something like that this summer, when I need some inspiration during my summertime, post-barbeque lull.

Somehow I still managed to eliminate three out of the final six cookbooks and the remaining cookbooks will joyfully take up valuable space on my kitchen counter. Two of them will go off to the thrift store, and the third one will be donated to a friend. I must confess, that I had a favorite cookbook while attempting all of these recipes, and it was “Vedge”. It was great to rekindle my appreciation for the many talents of the two chef/owners who co-wrote the cookbook, Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby. I am forever humbled by their flavorful concepts of creating out-of-this-world vegetarian dishes that are delicious enough for even the most staunch meat-eater. It’s easy to do a cookbook review when you have perfectly-made cookbooks such as this one, and I will continue to search for recipes that are of the caliber shown in this book. Indeed, this entire cookbook challenge was an inspirational project, but I am ready to get back to posting my own recipes and new updates on gardening and sustainable living. Happy Spring!