Aloha Friday

Aloha Friday

In celebration of the upcoming Earth Day, I’m going to begin a new tradition of sharing photos of my backyard horticultural adventures and other botany around the island, on Aloha Friday. It’s such a feel-good way to positively kick off the weekend and celebrate the love for the aina. From the jungles of Puna, to the sands of Kohala, there is so much color and beauty to share and enjoy with others.

I started thinking about the concept of Earth Day and implementing into my lifestyle the habits that reflect every day being Earth Day. I’m starting to feel the urgency of making personal changes and looking at ways to further reduce our consumption. We don’t have time to only celebrate our dear Earth for a ‘weekend’ or once a year. It’s crucial to be proactive in any small way possible, and you don’t have to have an opinion about climate change to want to be a good steward of the aina (land) on which you live. In keeping with that idea, I have several upcoming projects that are great ways to recycle and upcycle items that might otherwise go to a landfill. I have also been scouting plans for a new compost bin for dumping the scraps the chickens don’t eat and other yard waste into.

Calla lily with water droplets after the rain stopped.

This Aloha Friday, I am attending the 38th Annual Spring Horticultural Show and Plant Sale in Hilo, put on by the Big Island Association of Nurserymen. What a great event to celebrate the spring planting season. It has been described as the “Black Friday” event for plant lovers and I’m hoping to score some amazing things for our landscape at home. The timing for such an event is conveniently held on this Earth Day weekend, from 5pm-9pm on Friday, April, 20, and from 9am-2pm on Saturday, April, 21st at Edith Kanakaole Stadium. In addition to plant sales, there will educational booths, beekeeping information and grower presentations. For more information, the pdf event flyer can be found here.

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