Blue Ginger

Blue Ginger

This Aloha Friday I wanted to feature a colorful beauty that grows very well in partial or full shade in my yard. It is referred to as blue ginger, or Dichorisandra thyrsiflora, and is actually not a true ginger plant, but more similar to a spiderwort or wandering Jew. I was excited to learn this was in the same family, because I have some wandering Jew plants that are doing great, and I had intended to share them on an upcoming Aloha Friday post.

Blue ginger is such a great plant for those low light, moist areas of the yard that don’t require much attention. My environment just so happens to be quite humid, and with plenty of areas in my yard that have shade, this is a perfect match for those spaces that needed a little something extra. The green, waxy leaves are very similar to the leaves on real varieties of ginger, and beautiful purple-bluish flowers crown the top of a long stalk that comes out the top.

If you live in certain places in California or Florida, this may be a great plant to put into your landscape in a low-key, shaded area that will keep the soil moist. I have included some links that I came across in my quick search about blue ginger should you decide to start growing this plant. The first link is from the University of Florida, and the second is a very detailed  assessment of the pros and cons of growing and other useful information, by ‘Louis the Plant Geek‘. Happy Aloha Friday!

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