Summertime ‘Sparklers’

Summertime ‘Sparklers’

Aloha, Friends! I just wanted to share a quick and healthy way to celebrate your holiday tomorrow. My inspiration for this one came from one of my favorite places to look for ideas, Pinterest! This adorable idea from ‘This Healthy Table’ is a real crowd pleaser and tastes soooo good on a hot day. I’ve pinned it to my board “Celebrations and Party Ideas”.
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These are unbelievably easy to prepare and they add a festive look to your barbeque spread. Since many folks already plan on buying a watermelon, you only need grab a few additional things, like fresh blueberries, a star cookie cutter, and wooden skewers. FYI…if you don’t have a star shaped cutter, but do have a flower shaped one, or something similar, use it! They would come out just as cute. 🙂

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The photos show my watermelon looking a little more orange than red, and that’s because I used a smaller Thai watermelon. If you are feeding a large crowd, you may want to get the more common, larger size watermelon. I made ten skewers with one small watermelon and a pint of fresh blueberries.

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For my recipe, I cut approximately 1/2 inch thick slices across the width of the melon. I recommend you cut your melon slices a little less thick than the size of your cutter. You will have many circles of melon to work with and then next you will push the cutter into the middle of the circle (seedless) part. This is the best tasting part of the melon and also the most red in color, so it’s going to look great with those plump blueberries.

Next, stick the sharp end of the skewer through about 10-14 blueberries, (depending upon the size of skewers and berries), leaving a couple of inches at the bottom for holding on to, and at the top for your melon star. Stick a melon star on the top of each one and cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. If you can pre-cut the melon, this would be a fun dish for ‘little hands’ to help you prepare. Happy Summer!

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