Fresh-Is-Best Platter

Fresh-Is-Best Platter

Is it Monday already? Oh yes, I guess it is. Since there is a slew of tasks for me to do today, I wanted to throw together something easy for the family to graze upon as we go about our duties on this Mostly Vegan Monday. This was such a no-brainer snack to prepare, honestly, I don’t know why I don’t make them more often.

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Clockwise from the top: snow pea shoots, carrots, cauliflower, pecans, celery, melon, and dried figs. In the middle: sliced cucumbers and mixed olives.

Much to my own delight, I had everything on hand because I try to keep an arsenal of healthy snacks and fresh fruits and veggies always around. This is truly a no-brainer because you can use whatever you like. This healthy spread can stay vegan how mine is, or you can add a delicious pate, ranch dressing, kim chee, hummus, yogurt, bean dip or crackers.  I chose to use pecans for my ‘protein portion’ because they are so good with the dried figs and melon. Open a bottle of wine or sparkling water, and invite over some friends, for an easy pau hana!

_1070275 (2)

A “grazing” platter or pupu platter is a good way to use-up whatever you have on hand and (*bonus) you also avoid heating up your kitchen on a summer day. Additionally, I will use any of the left overs and pretty much nothing goes to waste. (The snow pea shoots and carrots can go into my veggie sushi rolls tonight and the figs may become part of tomorrow morning’s oatmeal.)

If you’re thinking about throwing one of these together, remember, a well rounded selection will please the most crowds. Also, don’t assume that people who don’t normally eat fresh food wouldn’t like this. You’d be surprised how much more people will indulge in healthy snacks if they are cut-up and displayed on a giant platter all together. 🙂 Get creative with it or just keep things down to basics and don’t stress! This is truly one of the easiest and healthiest ways to satisfy your snacking needs.

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