My Love for Pinterest

My Love for Pinterest


Ah, yes, it’s that time of year when being “busy” kicks into overdrive, and so begins the start of numerous birthdays, office parties, Fall Equinox, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter Solstice and Christmas. The last quarter of the year is kind of crazy for most of us, and it is especially busy for me. One of the things I rely on everyday to keep myself organized during all of the chaos is my beloved Pinterest.




If you don’t use Pinterest, you’re missing out on something useful and wonderfully inspirational. It is a visual search engine, rich with colorful images that are web links, which you can save. When you click on something of interest, each visual search will produce similar suggestions below it. (Like Google, with never ending pictures.) You can save any images/links that you like, and these are called PINS. The pins typically go back to, or in someway link to the original source, such as DIY plans or a beer making recipe. You can keep these pins organized into categories called, BOARDS, to come back to later. You may even take it a step further by arranging your boards into sections when you begin to accumulate a lot of pins.


The board, ‘Best Vegan Recipes’, has nine sections.


My passion for how useful Pinterest can be is due to my ever-growing recipe collection. I’ve pinned recipes that stretch across the global culinary and diet spectrums. My Pinterest boards contain everything from elaborate holiday meal plans and spicy Indian, to island style food and impressive appetizers.┬áMy most popular recipe board to date, is Best Vegan Recipes where some of my own recipes are pinned directly from this website, as well as many others from talented foodies and chefs from all over the world.

When it is Mostly Vegan Monday’s at my house, I normally look to Pinterest for inspiration. I recently searched for something using butternut squash, and within minutes, had found the perfect recipe based upon the ingredients I had on hand. The recipe turned out amazing, and so I saved it to my Best Vegan Recipes board, under the section, Soups, Stews and Chili’s.


Different sections within a recipe board.


Another bonus with Pinterest, is that I’ve avoided multiple near-disasters by having the app on my phone, and was able to quickly pull up saved recipes at the grocery store. If your local store or market is out of an ingredient, you can also do a quick search for a substitute recipe. Remember how I mentioned that all pins have similar suggestions below it? Click on your recipe, scroll down, and you’ll see similar suggestions that might be just what you need. Boom. Pinterest just saved the day.


The delicious soup recipe I found in minutes.


It’s true that we’ve all have busy days ahead of us, and who has the brain-space to remember every little thing that you need for that up coming party you’re throwing? Just save all of your favorite search ideas, recipes and plans by pinning them onto a board titled, “Parties”. An added bonus by having the app, is that you will now have a portable party planner on your phone. Genius!! Graduations, baby showers, birthdays, and weddings just got a whole lot easier with this little bit of Pinterest organization in your life. Hmmm… want a Nerf gun themed party, with obstacle course, bulls-eye cake and targets? Got it right here:


You can have as many sections as you want within your boards. So handy for quick access.


Pinterest is a lot of useful things, but keep in mind, it is not like FB because it isn’t necessarily a verbal social interaction tool. It’s more like a briefcase of images and ideas that you save. There are areas on Pinterest for comments and leaving feedback, but again, it is not as much of a verbal exchange platform as it is a visual one. For a visual person like myself, I’m obsessed with an app like this, and can happily do without the negative banter and vitriol you’ll find elsewhere. Just show me the pretty pictures, and my creative brain starts running full speed ahead.


My Best Island Life Pinterest page has so many great pins for island life, food, DIY, frugal living, travel and the outdoors. (And many more!)


Pinterest is my daily go-to app for activities I do throughout the day and functions as a highly beneficial tool for my lifestyle. It’s my meal making guide (recipe box), gardening & plant guide, craft idea vision board, DIY catalog of plans and ideas, as well as the keeper of other saved ideas and inspirations. Our teenager likes to save beauty related pins and create boards about make-up tutorials, fashion, and style ideas. The best part about Pinterest is that you can do whatever you want, there is no right or wrong.

If you haven’t tried using Pinterest, I recommend giving it a try. If you just want to check out what mine is like before you start to build your own, go to my home page to look at the inspirational pins and boards I have saved. Who knows, you may get hooked on Pinterest too.

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