Welcome to my tiny corner of the world! I live near Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. I like to blend fresh local flavors, a pinch of frugality and a dash of gourmet taste to make “ono-licious” recipes. The island climate supports a year-round growing season and makes it easy for us to grow beautiful ornamental plants and delicious fruits and vegetables.


When not at home, our family likes to take advantage of the beautiful island environment and go hiking or play in the ocean. Our island offers plenty of cultural and art experiences for us to enjoy as well. I am so proud of the Big Island and all that it has to offer that I want to share many of my unique experiences, and delicious flavors.


It’s very important to me to try to “keep it simple” and “keep it real” regarding this blog. I’m not interested in presenting food or dishes with a sterile white background and perfectly placed props. My experiences and island lifestyle are far different from the idealized version of Hawaii. I may not live near the beach, but my world is vibrant, fresh and non-scripted, and my posts are as close to the real thing as possible. Thanks for stopping by!

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