Winter Solstice

Ahhh…Winter Solstice. My favorite way to wrap up the end of the year. The best thing about how we commence our celebration, is that we start on whatever day Solstice falls that year, usually the 21st or 22nd of December, and then keep it going everyday until Christmas. We try to have at least one day…


Yule Dessert Wreath

A yummy, new tradition for the Winter Solstice. This has the perfect amount of sweetness and can be modified to suit a vegan/dairy-free diet by using egg substitute and vegan butter. This recipe is a “keeper”, for sure.

Thanksgiving Mango Tart

In addition to pumpkin pie, I wanted to do a dessert with fresh, local ingredients this year for Thanksgiving. Mangos are pretty amazing in my book, and I happened to find two, huge, juicy mangoes at the Hilo Farmer’s Market. Lucky for me, I came across a gorgeous recipe that was both vegan and gluten…