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Rustic Onion Dill Bread

Rustic Onion Dill Bread

When I was a child, a family that occasionally watched me had a painting in their dining room that I would often stare at. Years later I learned this painting was actually a retouched photograph titled, Grace, by an artist named Eric Enstrom. It shows […]

Cookbook Challenge: “The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook”

It’s not very often that I get novelty cookbooks, or that I expect anything amazing to come from them, but this recipe was the exception. I was gifted this book for Christmas one year and I have only made one recipe from it prior to […]

Cookbook Challenge: “Russian Food & Cooking” Part 3

For recipe #3 of my cookbook challenge, I chose Baked Cheesecake (or Zapekanka iz Tvoroga), because I wanted to do a dessert that I was semi-familiar with, and I just happen to really love cheesecake. I’m kicking myself for not trying something new because the […]

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